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A collection of boats and stoves we've had the pleasure of giving the

Ship Shape treatment.



Sarah and Des both moved onto the water in the October of  2014, onto separate boats.

Six months into their watery adventure they met on the Hertford Union, quickly fell in love and then their real adventure began.

Des, very soon after moving onto his boat Daisy Belle, as is the norm, started to have a few boat  problems and needed to call on some trades people to help resolve these. Now there are some very good trades people on the water but they can be very busy and sometimes very difficult to get hold of so he wanted to try and address this.

He realised that one of the most vital items on a boat is a source of heat, mainly a multi fuel stove. These need servicing for performance and safety reasons so after beg, stealing and borrowing some money Des enrolled on a HETAS service and maintenance course. 

HETAS is the national organisation working for consumer safety and the wider public interest in safe, efficient and environmentally responsible use of solid fuels stoves so seemed like the people to go to for training. 

Whilst waiting to become qualified they had to find another revenue source for Ship Shape Stove Services so Des grabbed a mop and bucket and put the word out. This was surprisingly well received and we were very quickly able to invest the money made in replacing the mop and bucket with a petrol pressure washer and a van.  



Our focus is to offer a quality service, be available for our clients to ask questions, understand the needs and requirements of boaters, be punctual, clear with our pricing and most of all

Be Nice, Always be Nice.

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